Breaking News Story: Another Woman Falls Prey to Penis Enlargement Naturally Induced Shock (PENIS)

Kathy – “Goodbye. This is Kathy Cupcake from WPNS with this late-breaking report. For another situation of Penis Enlargement Gone Wild, another lady has succumbed to an excessively huge penis size. Peter Sizemore is presently, live, on the scene, to give us the stunning subtleties. Over to you, Peter:”

Peter – “Thank you, Kathy. People, it’s another instance of Penis breakingamenews Enlargement Naturally Induced Shock (PENIS) I’m apprehensive. It’s nothing new: young lady meets fellow, fellow meets young lady, they date a couple of times, and in the end head of to the room. Sadly, this is another situation where a man, who has extended his penis to huge extents, has neglected to mention to his better half what was available for her and the outcomes are plainly crushing. In this occasion, poor Suzy Wantall was the most recent casualty in the interminable stream of PENIS cases that have shocked the nation. Since penis amplification has become quite a tremendous craze we… Pause! Hang tight, here comes the helpless lady presently, being rolled out on a cot with oxygen!”

Peter – “Suzy! Reason me! Suzy, Suzy Wantall… I’m Peter Sizemore from WPNS, do you mind on the off chance that I approach you a couple of inquiries for the crowd at home; would you be able to mention to us what happened…? Would you be able to depict the occasions that took place…? How would you feel; would you say you are alright?”

Suzy – “Definitely, well, I’m as yet sluggish and still somewhat stunned. Simply take a gander at my hands, they’re actually shaking. You know, Richard seemed like quite an ordinary and normal kind of fellow, you understand what I mean, he just seemed like quite a pleasant person… I never anticipated that him should be as, you probably are aware.. Large, I mean huge like that… I mean he was colossal… Frightening gigantic… Also, I need to concede… I simply wasn’t prepared for it. You know, I simply wasn’t prepared… At the point when he fixed his jeans, it resembled this monster boa constrictor was being delivered into the room… At the point when he released that tremendous thing… I… I… I… I simply wasn’t prepared for it, I mean, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what to do and, you know, I’m simply scared of snakes; and I began to feel woozy and it seemed like this cloud was racing to my head, I began feeling bleary eyed, and afterward, you know, that is all I recollect that, I surmise I just passed out…”

Peter – “We’re sorry to learn that Suzy, we truly are. Is there something else you can add to what in particular occurred?”

Suzy – “Well, definitely, you know breakingamenews young ladies, you should be cautious out there. I’m not kidding. In the event that you can, make a few inquiries and discover it out if a person’s been doing those penis practice things or not, on the grounds that, you know, odds are in case you’re not ready for what you will see… Indeed, you’re… You will end up like me….”

Peter – “Thank you, Suzy, one more inquiry, if its all the same to you: What happened to this person, what did you say his name was, Richard?”

Suzy – “Better believe it, Richard. I don’t know what befell him, you know. I however I heard somebody state my dad discovered him and was pursuing him like he planned to murder him. At this moment… I don’t have the foggiest idea where he is, at the same time, you know, I’m truly apprehensive for his life.”

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