What are the components used to provide solar power:

The four primary components for producing electricity using solar power, which provides common 120 volt AC power for daily use are: Solar panels, charge controller, battery and inverter. Solar panels charge the battery, and the charge regulator insures proper charging of the battery. The battery provides DC voltage to the inverter, and the inverter converts the DC voltage to normal AC voltage. If 240 volts AC is needed, then either a transformer is added or two identical inverters are series-stacked to produce the 240 volts.

Solar Panels:
The output of a solar panel is usually stated in watts, and the wattage is determined by multiplying the rated voltage by the rated amperage. The formula for wattage is VOLTS times AMPS equals WATTS. So for example, a 12 volt 60 watt solar panel measuring about 20 X 44 inches has a rated voltage of 17.1 and a rated 3.5 amperage.

V x A = W
17.1 volts times 3.5 amps equals 60 watts

If an average of 6 hours of peak sun per day is available in an area, then the above solar panel can produce an average 360 watt hours of power per day; 60w times 6 hrs. = 360 watt-hours. Since the intensity of sunlight contacting the solar panel varies throughout the day, we use the term “peak sun hours” as a method to smooth out the variations into a daily average. Early morning and late-in-the-day sunlight produces less power than the mid-day sun. Naturally, cloudy days will produce less power than bright sunny days as well. When planning a system your geographical area is rated in average peak sun hours per day based on yearly sun data. Average peak sun hours for various geographical areas is listed in the above section.

Solar panels can be wired in series or in parallel to increase voltage or amperage respectively, and they can be wired both in series and in parallel to increase both volts and amps. Series wiring refers to connecting the positive terminal of one panel to the negative terminal of another. The resulting outer positive and negative terminals will produce voltage the sum of the two panels, but the amperage stays the same as one panel. So two 12 volt/3.5 amp panels wired in series produces 24 volts at 3.5 amps. Four of these wired in series would produce 48 volts at 3.5 amps. Parallel wiring refers to connecting positive terminals to positive terminals and negative to negative. The result is that voltage stays the same, but amperage becomes the sum of the number of panels. So two 12 volt/3.5 amp panels wired in parallel would produce 12 volts at 7 amps. Four panels would produce 12 volts at 14 amps.

Series/parallel wiring refers to doing both of the above – increasing volts and amps to achieve the desired voltage as in 24 or 48 volt systems. The following diagram reflects this. In addition, the four panels below can then be wired in parallel to another four and so on to make a larger array.

solar power panel wiring example

Charge Controller:
A charge controller monitors the battery’s state-of-charge to insure that when the battery needs charge-current it gets it, and also insures the battery isn’t over-charged. Connecting a solar panel to a battery without a regulator seriously risks damaging the battery and potentially causing a safety concern.

Charge controllers (or often called charge regulator) are rated based on the amount of amperage they can process from a solar array. If a controller is rated at 20 amps it means that you can connect up to 20 amps of solar panel output current to this one controller. The most advanced charge controllers utilize a charging principal referred to as Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) – which insures the most efficient battery charging and extends the life of the battery. Even more advanced controllers also include Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) which maximizes the amount of current going into the battery from the solar array by lowering the panel’s output voltage, which increases the charging amps to the battery – because if a panel can produce 60 watts with 17.2 volts and 3.5 amps, then if the voltage is lowered to say 14 volts then the amperage increases to 4.28 (14v X 4.28 amps = 60 watts) resulting in a 19% increase in charging amps for this example.

Many charge controllers also offer Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) and Battery Temperature Compensation (BTC) as an optional feature. The LVD feature permits connecting loads to the LVD terminals which are then voltage sensitive. If the battery voltage drops too far the loads are disconnected – preventing potential damage to both the battery and the loads. BTC adjusts the charge rate based on the temperature of the battery since batteries are sensitive to temperature variations above and below about 75 F degrees.

The Deep Cycle batteries used are designed to be discharged and then re-charged hundreds or thousands of times. These batteries are rated in Amp Hours (ah) – usually at 20 hours and 100 hours. Simply stated, amp hours refers to the amount of current – in amps – which can be supplied by the battery over the period of hours. For example, a 350ah battery could supply 17.5 continuous amps over 20 hours or 35 continuous amps for 10 hours. To quickly express the total watts potentially available in a 6 volt 360ah battery; 360ah times the nominal 6 volts equals 2160 watts or 2.16kWh (kilowatt-hours). Like solar panels, batteries are wired in series and/or parallel to increase voltage to the desired level and increase amp hours & paneles solares

The battery should have sufficient amp hour capacity to supply needed power during the longest expected period “no sun” or extremely cloudy conditions. A lead-acid battery should be sized at least 20% larger than this amount. If there is a source of back-up power, such as a standby generator along with a battery charger, the battery bank does not have to be sized for worst

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Jazz Karachi Haftawar Offer

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Happy February – Happy New Year!

You may not achieve each objective you set – nobody does – except for the main thing is having objectives and following them wholeheartedly.

Les Brown (1912 – 2000) US bandleader, lyricist

Christmas is currently far removed and the sparkle is ancient history. Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? What’s more, have you previously broken it? What about putting that Resolution behind you and consider having a go at something different? What about defining SMART objectives all things being equal? Explicit, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-driven. Choose what you need to accomplish – record it. Break it into steps and set dates for each progression. What would you like to do? In what manner will you do it? When would you like to do it by?

Numerous families are worrying about the concern of obligation developed over the merry season, or even previously. Make this year the year you at long last arrangement with that obligation. Set little strides to accomplish that more prominent objective – cut up the charge cards, research less expensive credit, converse with the bank, assign cash to take care of it, set a financial plan. Overlooking it will just aggravate it. Zeroing in on what you have to do will move you towards settling the issue.

A similar method can be utilized for your wellbeing. An ongoing Global Consumer Trends report expresses that right around 75% of Europeans are presently more worried about their wellbeing and prosperity contrasted and the earlier year. I am certain there are comparable worries far and wide. Which part of your wellbeing might you want to zero in on? Wellness, weight, smoking, stress the board? All can be drawn nearer methodicallly. Setting little, reasonable objectives will see you ensuring improvement.

Here in the UK it has been new year pics suggested that there is a restriction on smoking out in the open spots, something that will occur in Scotland where I live in March 2006. Different nations and states are presenting comparable enactment. Isn’t presently the ideal chance to quit any pretense of smoking? Settle on which technique would be best for you – nicotine patches, total withdrawal and so forth Join your clinical specialist’s stopping program. Get a mate. Having somebody there to applaud you will have a significant effect, so enroll the assistance of family, companions or even an expert to help you. Consider your eating regimen. Drinking more water and adding in any event 5 segments of foods grown from the ground each day would be an incredible beginning to improving what you put in your body. Walk somewhat further and all the more regularly. Dance to the radio. Adding modest quantities of movement can add to your general great wellbeing.

This is the ideal opportunity to assume liability and control of your own life and to trust in yourself. What’s to come is yours in the event that you need it! Cheerful New Year – Happy New You!

Kate Harper is situated in the delightful Highlands of Scotland. Look at her site http://www.harpercoaching.com

She works with individuals who are tired of groaning about their lives and have chosen to take care of business. On the off chance that that is you, it would be ideal if you investigate Kate’s site. Her extraordinary interest is in advancing Wellbeing and Self Confidence through training. She is glad to work with individuals from any piece of the world.…

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Happy New Year! Every Day!

Contingent upon the atmosphere, a year is made out of four seasons, frequently three, now and again even less. The day that is picked to make the year ‘new’ is self-assertive and social. Nonetheless, that isn’t intended to state, essentially, that is an awful thing. In fact, New Year’s day-or if nothing else New Year’s Eve in any case is likely the most hopeful day of the year for a great many people.

Yet, a month or so into the new year-or even less-discover individuals getting up in the first part of the day living their old schedules and not very amped up for all the extraordinary things they’re currently making happen this year. Surely, individuals even proceed with their goals (they quit smoking for instance) yet even the way that they don’t smoke any longer seems like routine.

It appears to be conceivable that there is a method of living where the entire life is as energizing as the New Year, that guarantees and opportunities for development are not too far off for the picking like a natural product ready on the tree. Each new second offers the chance of restoration; consistently is pregnant with unlimited chances. New Year’s is when individuals rise up out of their exclusive focus and state, “I’m at last going to accomplish something incredible; I will get it going!” And is there any valid reason why people shouldn’t do this? On New Year’s as well as consistently?

Everyday routine ought not be experienced in a world new year quotes hung in dim. The world is a canvas-the heart a palette of paints. This life is energizing! Appreciate each snapshot of it, in any event, when you don’t feel like it. Keep in mind, goals are to begin again that is the guarantee for development but on the other hand they’re tied in with halting negative behavior patterns, and living a melancholy, ho murmur presence is an exceptionally unfortunate propensity.

So Happy New Year! Today and consistently!

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Happy New Year Images 2021 | 5 Best Whatsapp Status and Pics

Upbeat New Year 2021 Around The World-

1. Upbeat New Year 2021 Celebration in Canada and the USA:

All of you should realize that the individuals from Canada and the USA meet up and praise this celebration with their friends and family. In the event that you are in Canada or the USA, at that point you may see some adornment, firecrackers, and gatherings. Cheerful New Year 2019 may change the manner in which we commend the New Year however it won’t change the importance of Happy New Year 2019 eve. Additionally, my instructor used to state that the New Year is consistently per day where all of you can appreciate and commend yourself.

Happy new year 2021 with firework background Vector Image

2. Upbeat New Year 2021 in New Zealand and Australia-

We began this article with Canada and the United States of America. Presently, we need to reveal to you that how the individuals of New Zealand and Australia praise the Happy New Year 2021. Most importantly, all of you should realize that individuals who are living in Australia or New Zealand are alluring and they regularly come out like the remainder of the world together. They eat with one another, and they normally eat fish. All of you should realize that a portion of the individuals from these regions normally do outdoors and that is the point which makes them distinctive then rest of the world.

3. Cheerful New Year 2021 in the USA/America-

Glad New Year 2021 will get exceptionally sweet joy your life. All of you should realize that viewing the Happy New Year 2021 in the USA and America is an extremely incredible encounter. On the off chance that you are a piece of this delightful nation, at that point all of you should realize that in this day individuals come outside and they see the firecrackers, they take their family for supper, they appreciate it with their children, they ensure that everybody gets a sweet blessing, and some of them appreciate this day at their home caught in view of the day off.

All of you should realize that People are on their work at New Year’s eve 2021 like in Hospitals there is no occasion at New Year on the grounds that there work is vital any time on account of the crisis call, and when we talk about crisis then all of you should realize that Police, and Soldiers are consistently on the job. Glad New Year 2021 in the US/America is generally excellent and all of you can get Wallpapers, Images, and Pictures are for the USA People are here.

4. Cheerful New Year 2021 in Germany-

German individuals are extremely astounding and astonishing new year pics with regards to the celebrations, uncommon days, and occasions like Happy New Year they do appreciate it. Much the same as that Happy New Year 2021 in Germany is without a doubt going to be an extraordinary thing to see. Presently, the inquiry is the way you will appreciate this day, it thoroughly relies upon you and your decision. By and large, all of you should realize that Happy New Year 2021 Wallpapers in German are accessible here.

All of you ought to comprehend that Happy New Year 2021 is known as “Frohes Neues Jahr 2021” and you will cherish this astonishing day. On the off chance that you are searching for the frohes neues jahr occasions detail, at that point you can get it from our page. To put it plainly, we are attempting to ensure that this entire year will be astounding and individuals in Germany do appreciate this astonishing day with their companions and close family.

5. Cheerful New Year 2021 in Spain, France, Italy, Austria, and Poland-

Cheerful New Year 2021 in Spain, France, Italy, Austria, and Poland is a stunning thing to see. In the event that all of you can dive somewhere down in the guide, at that point you could see that these all nations are exceptionally close or you can say joined to one another. We believe that individuals in these previously mentioned nations do something very similar as we do, they come out, they get along with their families, they eat out or in their homes, and they do whatever they like to do. So, you can say that Happy New Year 2021 in Italy and Austria is one of the stunning occasions.…